Trading House Glasgow

Project Overview
Fusing heritage and tradition with the latest energy-saving technology is something of a specialism for Kers, so when we were approached by the Director of Glasgow’s iconic Trading House restaurant (a Living Ventures brand) we wanted to see how we could make their premises greener still.
Trading House Glasgow’s restaurant boasts a ‘Theatre Cooking’ style kitchen featuring equipment from some of the industry’s top brands. The restuarant offers diners deli, rotisserie and BBQ food alongside an impressive drinks menu and serves up to 120 covers per night. The sheer volume of cooked-to-order meals served at The Trading House means the kitchen appliances have fast recovery times and therefore tend to use high levels of energy. Kers were keen to showcase our latest innovations and help the venue reduce energy consumption.
The Brief
The Trading House brief was to reduce carbon emissions and increase energy efficiency, reducing utility bills as a result. We conducted a site visit to explore how we could help the restaurant to meet these goals without disrupting the ambience their diners had come to expect. Taking an in-depth look at the busy commercial kitchen and taking a consultative approach to the works, the Kers team worked in collaboration with the Executive Chef Director to maximise the energy savings.
The Solution
The Kers HT commercial kitchen heat recovery system was chosen. This captures the high-temperature waste heat from the cookline and converts it into free hot water for the kitchen With the demand for hot water rising at peak times, we were confident that the newly installed system would be able to provide the volume needed for a variety of kitchen cleaning and preparation tasks using two thermostores, a Kers-HT high-temperature titanium collector and Kers-H3 controller capable of providing 400 litres of hot water per hour with virtually zero cost to the business.
The Results

The installation was so successful that the new system was later adapted to assist with the kitchen make up air. The dishwasher was put on hot water fill to help reduce energy consumption further still, representing an additional energy saving of 7.3 kW.

“Investing in a KERS Unit was the next logical step for us to reduce our carbon emissions and utility bills. The effect is remarkable and evident immediately after installation”, said John Branagan executive chef director. Living Ventures would see a return on their investment within one year.

Trading House owners, Living Ventures were so impressed with the difference made by Kers, we were later appointed to work on a number of the brand’s other venues including the popular Alchemist, Gusto and Botanist chain of restaurant and cocktail bars. Similar systems were installed at a number of locations around the country, helping to drive additional savings and energy efficiency for Living Ventures across its portfolio of sites.

KERS can be retro-fitted to any cookline without disrupting the operation of the equipment or the extraction systems. “The Trading House is a new build with no gas boilers installed, but KERS can be easily installed in any existing kitchen with the same results,” says Neil Guest CEO. With 98% carbon zero energy and 98% recycled energy it’s a job well done!

KERS Innovations technologies reduce your bills and divert wasted energy back into your business. Good for the environment, good for your bottom line.